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I am a Forex trader. I have a long trading experience in large brokerage companies such as SaxoBank, FxPro, Oanda, Alpari. I have decided to share my trading experience with you by providing Social Trading services through the options below.
Target 1-3% profit per month, with low drawdown.
I invite you to join me to increase funds together.



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Darwinex bring transparency to financial markets offering portfolio managers access to liquid alpha strategies from around the world via FCA-regulated (UK) asset manager.

Darwinex risk management algorithms monitor trades in real time, protecting investors.
Hence, investors know beforehand how much they are risking at any moment of time.

Darwinex = The Hedge Fund of the Future.


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Copy trades

A brief description of the trading style

Day trading in Forex market

There is a short and medium-term trade, based on psychological levels of support and resistance. The number of open transactions per month depends only on the market situation and on how I see the market. I rely only on my analytics and trade in technical analysis, also not forgetting about important fundamental data. Most often, trades are conducted in the European session, sometimes in the American.

Not used “martingale” or open trades grid. Each open position is PROTECTED by Stop Loss.

Target 1-3% profit per month, with low drawdown.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



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