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I am a full-time Forex trader, I’ve been trading in this market for more than a decade. I have trading experience in large brokerage companies such as SaxoBank, Alpari, FxPro. I have decided to share my trading experience with you by providing Social Trading services through the options below.
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Copy trades Signals


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Copy trades Signals

Short description of my trading style

Day trading

There is a short and medium-term trade, based on psychological levels of support and resistance. The number of open transactions per month depends only on the market situation and on how I see the market. I rely only on my analytics and trade in technical analysis, also not forgetting about important fundamental data. Trading is carried out on major currency pairs. Most often, trades are conducted in the European session, sometimes in the American. Orders are often closed within a few hours, but sometimes open positions can be opened for several days.

Not used “martingale” or open trades grid. Each open position is PROTECTED by Stop Loss.


Brief monthly review – December 2020

At the beginning of December, we experienced quite a few minus positions. Due to the sudden trend rise of the EURUSD pair, the counter-trend trading did not work out (once in a while I am using such a trading strategy technique).

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Brief monthly review – November 2020

Trading in November was as always. Although the US presidential election took place, I did not notice any major anomalies in the currency market, so I traded as always, following the guidelines of my strategy.

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