April 2021

In early April, I will admit, there was one day when I have slightly unmanaged the situation and deviated from my system. I suffered bigger losses that day. They stand out quite clearly from my overall trade statistics.

Later, the situation was brought under control, and I returned to strict adherence to the principles of my strategy.
Over the course of the month, I had almost covered the losses, but on the last day of April I had to experience a few minuses in a row again and end the month with a relatively significant minus, but the latter minuses were systemic (they did not deviate from the principles of the overall strategy).
On the other hand, if you noticed, the total statistics drawdown in April was not exceeded.

I will mention the interesting thing that some investors with a lot of experience use this “tactic” – before investing in specific trader strategies, they deliberately wait for the trader to suffer higher losses and psychological pressure. The investor then monitors how the trader behaves in an emergency and how much he allows himself to deviate from the principles of his strategy. This is one of the criteria in making a decision before investing in your chosen trading strategy.
One more thing. In each investment instrument, the growth of the curve is wavy. Experienced investors wait until the curve descends to a certain low, and only then start investing in the chosen instrument.
I noticed that in my trade as well. When the curve of trade statistics falls, some “investors” “run away” when frightened and incur losses, while others start investing in this strategy.

Of course, I’m not happy that for some time now, my statistics curve has been showing a horizontal shape, with a bit of such a downward slope. However, I will not rush to work out the minuses. Instead, I will adhere strictly to the principles of my strategy and move forward.

Sincerely, LoginPeace

Statistics based on “LoginPeace Trend” in MyFxBook.com:

Trading result in April: -3.71 %

Total profit (in 19 months): +64.51 %

On average every month during: +2.45 %

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