Brief monthly review

May 2021

In early May, we had a number of negative positions, but we managed to cover losses and earn some more. I think this is not bad.

Let’s move on.

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April 2021

In early April, I will admit, there was one day when I have slightly unmanaged the situation and deviated from my system. I suffered bigger losses that day. They stand out quite clearly from my overall trade statistics.

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March 2021

I will note that for me March was one of the most difficult months for trading in recent time. This month was difficult psychologically. I use a discretionary trading method. Discretionary trading is decision-based trading, that is, when a trader decides which trades to make based on current market conditions. It is especially difficult to make decisions when currency pairs begin to “contradict” each other.

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February 2021

Well, this month we managed to improve slightly the result of the last three months. Profits may not be relatively high, but we are moving forward. Our curve rises.

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January 2021

Unfortunately, more tangible profit results were not achieved in January. This month’s trading was not easy, it went into a bigger drawdown several times, but at the end of the month, the minuses were mitigated.

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December 2020

At the beginning of December, we experienced quite a few minus positions. Due to the sudden trend rise of the EURUSD pair, the counter-trend trading did not work out (once in a while I am using such a trading strategy technique).

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November 2020

Trading in November was as always. Although the US presidential election took place, I did not notice any major anomalies in the currency market, so I traded as always, following the guidelines of my strategy.

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