December 2020

At the beginning of December, we experienced quite a few minus positions. Due to the sudden trend rise of the EURUSD pair, the counter-trend trading did not work out (once in a while I am using such a trading strategy technique).

On the other hand, the last two months have distinguished plenty of misleading trading signals. As known, the market tends to change the characteristics of its movement, therefore it is necessary to adapt to the market’s changes as well as conditions all the time, and continue trading.

Minus position bands are inevitable, however, as I mentioned before, it is very important to control the risk. Because inevitably there will be plus bands as well. Therefore we will continue to trade according to the planned strategy.

I hope that the year 2021 will be more profitable than the year 2020 and I wish you the best outcome from your investments.

Statistics based on “LoginPeace Trend” in

Trading result in December: +0.21%

Total profit (in 15 months): +69.94%

The result for 2020: +46.52%

On average every month during 2020: +3.26%

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