February 2021

Well, this month we managed to improve slightly the result of the last three months. Profits may not be relatively high, but we are moving forward. Our curve rises.

In February, it was practically necessary to use only the scalping system. While I don’t see myself as a supporter of scalping trading, sometimes the market itself adjusts it. The goal remains – trading intraday with higher Take-profit goals.
As I mentioned, I trade based solely on my analytics and how I see the market myself.

The market is always full of opportunities, but it is important to interpret it correctly. This is not an easy task, but it is possible.

I will make the following observation, that manual trading has a great advantage, because time is of great value in manual trading. In the flow of time it is constantly improving and constantly adapting to market changes.

Statistics based on “LoginPeace Trend” in MyFxBook.com:

Trading result in February: +2.52 %

Total profit (in 17 months): +73.56 %

On average every month during: +3.23 %

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