November 2020

Trading in November was as always. Although the US presidential election took place, I did not notice any major anomalies in the currency market, so I traded as always, following the guidelines of my strategy.

My priority is a small drawdown. According to statistics (in MQL5), the drawdown in the last 9 months does not exceed 2%. Profits for the same period averaged around 4% per month. That’s not bad, as my goal is to earn an average of 3% to 5% per month. However, in November, my trading was not very profitable.

In a long trading distance, negative months are inevitable, but it is very important to manage risk and not give in to emotions. The goal remains – long-term growth of the profit curve. So this month’s profit is small, but we are in the plus, which is not bad.

Trading result in November: +0.95%

Total profit (in 14 months): +69.59%

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