March 2021

I will note that for me March was one of the most difficult months for trading in recent time. This month was difficult psychologically. I use a discretionary trading method. Discretionary trading is decision-based trading, that is, when a trader decides which trades to make based on current market conditions. It is especially difficult to make decisions when currency pairs begin to “contradict” each other.

Admittedly, March ended with a minus result. However, taking the general curve of the results, we see that there were no anomalies. Everything happens within the framework of the strategy, there are no violations in risk management.

So all of us (who are following my trading strategy) I wish you patience, perseverance and better results in the coming months. We will continue to move forward and our curve will inevitably rise.

Statistics based on “LoginPeace Trend” in

Trading result in March: -1.56 %

Total profit (in 18 months): +70.84 %

On average every month during: +2.94 %

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